“I Want to Know You!”

Deck BackYard“that I may know Him …” (Philippians 3:10 NASB)

In the centre of every human being is an unseen hole that fills each person with a drive and compulsion to seek at all costs a way to fill that hole with love, peace, joy and fulfilment.

The unseen hole cannot be seen with human eyes; however, it is felt by every human heart.  Some humans may not even recognise this hole in themselves; instead, they instinctively at an early age begin the quest for satisfaction.  The search begins for whatever that person believes will bring them that ultimate joy and peace, love and fulfilment.

Every human has different ideas of what will bring that ultimate state of happiness in their lives.  The focus of their lives is determined by their choice of what will bring the ultimate state of being they are longing for.  Some focus on:

  • Riches
  • Music
  • Art
  • Gaming
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Marriage
  • Sports
  • Public Esteem and Success
  • Becoming an American Idol
  • GOD
  • …. the list is endless

What many do not know is that the only thing that fulfils that desire and the gaping hole is God.  Yes – God!   The One true God – Jesus.  The One that created them is what fills their gaping hole and inner need.  The One who knows them more intimately than they can even imagine.  The One who made them in their mother’s womb – carving each bone and joint, sculpting their facial features, painting the colour of their hair, and breathing life into them.

Christians supposedly know God; however, how often do we let things take the place of spending time with God?  How often is He waiting in the garden to walk with us in the cool of the day but we are too busy to show up? 

That very place of intimacy with God, walking and talking with Him and getting to know Him more and more, is what fills us with peace and joy and love and fulfilment.  He is so beautiful and good and loving.  Being in His very presence fills us with a peace that is not of this world – it is so unexplainable and nothing else gives that peace.

Yesterday, I had a lot of work I wanted to get accomplished working on upcoming tours.  As the hours ticked by working on the computer, the heavier my spirit became.  The more alone I felt.  The more things of the world started to crowd into my mind – worries and fears and doubts.  At 4:00 in the afternoon, a very good friend suggested I take my Bible and go outside into the beauty of the world God has given me here and spend time with God.  They suggested I take the time to look at the flowers  – to look at the beauty of what God created in nature.

Prince Edward Island is beautiful where I live.  The photo attached to this blog is the view from the deck near my room.  I sat down and opened to Philippians and read the first few words of Philippians 3:10 and immediately the desire welled up within me – “I WANT TO KNOW GOD.  I want to be with God.  That is where my heart is home.”  The more you get to know God the shorter amount of time it takes before you long to be with Him – the more you want to be with Him – AND the more you have that gaping hole desire Him.

I then walked through the green fields that are splashed by God’s paintbrush with stretches of uncountable daisies.  I listened to the orchestra of birds singing praise to their Maker.  I watched an eagle soar and was reminded that those who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength.  Then suddenly, I was home. 

That unseen hole knew it was in the presence of its vital need – God.  Jesus was with me walking through the fields — just like God walked in the cool of the day with Adam and Eve.  Peace unexplainable filled by being.  Joy and love and a knowing that God is in control settled on me.  A knowing that I don’t have to strive and seek for anything other than Him.  Then, I walked and talked with God spilling out all the things on my heart while He patiently listened.  Then He talked to me. 

How often does God walk into the garden longing to spend time with you, longing to walk with you in the cool of the day; but, you don’t show up? 

Will you answer His call and spend time with Him? 

Will you be a human being who chooses to be with God instead of eating the apple of sin that drives you to strive to fill that hole within you with nothing that will ever satisfy?  Will you really strive and work until the day you die and never have satisfaction?  Will you work until you are 65 to have this great retirement only to find out you are bored, and it does not fulfil? 

Will you close your eyes and breathe your last breath wondering what was life all about? 

OR Will you choose to get to know God?

I believe that God’s eyes smile with laughter and joy when He sees you choosing to lay down everything and to walk with Him.  When you choose to repent of sin and turn and follow Him, the very angels of Heaven rejoice. The walks God takes you on are amazing and filled with laughter, joy, love and adventure and ultimate fulfilment.  There are sorrows along the way; however, the moment you spend time with Him your broken heart is taken into His hands and He skillfully puts it back together.

Will you be one of the humans God made who will say, “I Want to Know You!  I choose You, God!”?